Anno Iudicio - Heaven on Earth, a Sinless World

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Latin for In the Year of Judgement

What is reality? Eve and Michael (?) awakened in what seems to be the distant future. Remembering only their sheltered life together, seeing the outside world was like a dream come true. A peaceful world or so they though.
As they slowly uncover their clouded memories, a bloodstained world awaited them. A long battle against the laws of the world, their fate, the so called Gods, and their own selves have only just begun.

Illustrations and Character Info will be updated

Warning : Story contains violence, false sense of security, psychological trip of what to feel, and slight seductive content.

This story is not for the easily disturbed.
Reader's discretion advised

The complete tag for the story is : Action, Adventure, Angst, Dystopia, Friendship, Genderbender, Romance, Sci-fi, Tragedy.

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